Our Commitment


    From day one, Olivia Brown has been committed to responsible production, sourcing, packaging and a mission bigger than just us. All of the materials which make these beautiful pieces you see and own comes from soil and layers of our Earth. We hope that you will take care of them until there is someone you would like to pass them to.

    We understand that all of it is given to us by nature. Therefore, we must give back and become carbon-neutral. We as a company evaluate all of the processes from production, transportation, packaging until it arrives at your door.

    As a female owned small company we have set our mind and action towards one goal - to reduce our carbon footprint so we can meet the needs of the present without compromising on the future generations.

    We use 100% recycled materials for all of the packaging you receive. We reduced printing and use stamps instead of gluing paper on paper and adding unnecessary layers of waste. We constantly think of ways we can make long lasting, beautiful jewellery without guilt.

    However it would be silly to think that this is enough. We are now moving toward paying back for every CO2 we produce. We want to do it by giving back to non profit organisations which protect our forests from timber mills, create local jobs, and bring balance. This will allow us to contribute back the oxygen we used and start offsetting our carbon emission.


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