Where and how to get quality jewellery at guilt-free prices? This is what we found missing in the current market. We both love jewellery and were spending a lot for it. Some of the pieces were great but it cost a fortune and some would fade after a month. We got tired of it. This is how Olivia Brown was born.

    We opened our doors in November 2020 with the Paris Moments earring collection. As we grow our newborn we strive to build trust in every relationship Olivia Brown presents to us. The single one goal we have is to see you happy wearing the piece of jewellery you chose.

    Jewellery and women - these two words are almost synonymous. Almost all of us must have a tiny jewellery box in our homes, where we hide our treasures gathered over a lifetime. Let’s be honest, we do that because jewellery helps us feel and look more beautiful. That is why it is so valuable to keep.

    Olivia Brown is here to help all women around the world feel and look beautiful in their own authentic way by wearing luxury jewellery at guilt-free prices. We put our main attention on product quality and sustainability. All products are made of premium quality materials and we spend a lot of time sourcing it. We use only paper-based, carbon-free packaging (including an envelope). We choose paper because it is still the world’s most collected and recyclable material. Not only we want to make women happy but also our mother nature.

    We hope that you will find just the right piece of jewellery in our store that perfectly matches your personality and adds an extra happiness to your everyday life.

    With Love.

    Carol and Eve


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